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Camp nong the Festival

Camp Nong is a boutique camping event celebrating music, arts, nature and community.

From novice beginnings in 2013, the quality of the production and professionalism quickly grew with the increasing size of the festival and the drive to do it bigger and better. 

The small team that run production for Camp Nong branched out to become Nong Sound and now offer production and hire services to events and small festivals around Victoria.

the nong sound system

As part of a product design subject in 2007, a large sculptural speaker stack was imagined by Jordan, one of the Camp Nong founders. Seven years later the opportunity arose to build the Nong Sound System. With a Makita table saw, some plywood and months of reading speaker forums, the 1.0 system became a reality.

With six years of building and technical experience, the Nong Sound System has become an endless obsession in attaining bigger and better sound.

Nong System 4.0 (2018 - Current)

Nong System 4.0 (2018 - Current)

Nong System 3.0 (2017 - Current)

Nong System 3.0 (2017 - Current)

Nong System 2.0 (2015-2017)

Nong System 2.0 (2015-2017)

Nong System 1.0 (2014-2015)

Nong System 1.0 (2014-2015)


nong sound culture

  • We aim to provide reliable and professional event production equipment and service, at an accessible price point without compromising on quality,

  • are driven to create exciting and memorable experiences for people attending the event,

  • have a hard working crew who are considerate, approachable and understand the importance of building relationships with all people involved - artists, organisers and attendees,

  • are clear and prompt with communication before, during and after event with organisers,

  • can manage complicated and high pressure situations through excellent planning, preparation and can quickly and calmly problem solve on the fly.


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